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Where can I go to find out more about the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as a treatment for children with Cerebral Palsy and other forms of brain damage?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) as a treatment for brain damage as yet. Therefore MUMS is not promoting this use. We are only providing information. HBOT is used to treat 13 conditions, some are; "the bends" that some divers experience when coming up too fast, Air Embolism (air in the bloodstream), Carbon Monoxide poisoning, burns, and wounds that are difficult to heal, such as those experienced by people with diabetes.

Many parents who are trying the HBO with their children with brain damage are showing remarkable results. We are getting reports from parents all over the world that their children are experiencing improvement in the areas of speech, reduced spasticity, vision and hearing improvements, behavior improvements, Autistic behaviors reduced, and the reduction or stopping of seizures. Children of all ages, even adults are showing the same improvements. It is not working for all children and we have heard of a few cases in which the children showed no improvements. The children with the milder impairments seem to be showing the most improvements. There are studies in Canada and the United States going on right now to establish whether or not HBO improves children with brain damage. The preliminary results are very encouraging!

MUMS is only providing a list and is not recommending any of these places! The following is a list of people you can contact for more information. Some clinics have monoplace chambers and some have multiplace chambers. We are told that only a monoplace ("place for one") can safely treat by pressurizing with 100% oxygen. If more than one person is being treated in a chamber it should be through a mask or preferably, for comfort, through a hood. Some clinics are more accessible than others. If you have claustrophobia (fear of being in confined spaces) and cannot go in the chamber with your child this needs to be discussed.

Some providers may give discounts for larger numbers of treatments in a row or for prepayment. Some may offer free for hardship cases. It doesn't hurt to ask. The protocol that we are hearing is most used is 1 hour treatments (at pressure) once a day of 1.5 - 1.75 ata for 40 days for first session. Some parents are opting for twice a day treatments but are taking a 4 hour break in between treatments. Recent reports are coming in from parents who are doing too many in a row using the twice a day protocol that their children are getting toxic and regressing. One mother got 100 treatments for her son in a two month time period. He stopped talking and walking which he had been able to do after the first 40 treatments. It took 6-8 weeks for him to start progressing again. Please read "More is Not Better." by Dr. Harch on this website. We are hearing it may be best to take a day off every 5 or 6 days to allow the brain to adjust to using the new brain cells. Many parents see more improvements the two to three weeks after they return home from the series of treatments. Dr. Paul Harch, who has been doing research since 1995 using HBOT on children with brain damage, believes that 40 treatments is recommended for the first series, because some children don't respond until 30 treatments and some may require 200 or more treatments total. Four to six week breaks between series are recommended and these should be individualized. (See Dr. Harch's letter). Because this is a new treatment for brain damage and Cerebral Palsy the best protocol is really not known for sure. One treatment a day using pressures of 1.5 ata or less (1.25 ata if child has a seizure condition) are where we are seeing the best results. Most doctors or HBO technicians would not use any pressure higher than 2.0 ata because they feel this may be too high and dangerous causing oxygen toxicity. That is why we need more studies!

HBO Providers in Alaska - Florida

HBO Providers in Ohio - Wisconsin

HBO Providers Outside Of The United States



  • Marietta: ProHBO at Health Horizons, Ken Knot MD, Medical Director, 1455 Bells Ferry Rd., Suite 100, Marietta, GA 30066, 678-766-0153, 678-766-0154 (fax) Email: info@prohbo.com Web: www.prohbo.com Cost: $175 2 Sechrist monoplaces.

  • Savannah: Memorial Health University Medical Center, Christopher E. Wells MD, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine, Vascular Surgery 4750 Waters Ave., Suite 500, Savannah, GA 31404, 912-350-5961, 912-350-8426, 912-350-5942 (fax) Web: http://svi.memorialhealth.com Requirements are that it is safe to treat the patient and that they can get a pre-certification from the insurance company.

    Georgia Mild Chambers
  • Rome: Hyperbaric Therapy Center of Rome, Dr. Mary Spenser & Dr. Tim Ryan, 503 W. 10th St, Rome, GA 30165, 706-234-3031, 706-234-2046(fax), Email: info@hyperbarictherapycenterofrome.com Web: www.hyperbarictherapycenterofrome.com Vitaeris 320 Cost: $50 per treatment


  • Honolulu: The Hyperbaric Medicine Center, Alfred & Helen Mc Cracken, Directors, Dr. Wayne Warrington, Medical Director, 275 Puuhale Road, Suite 1, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819, 808-851-7030, 808-851-7032, 808-851-7031(fax) Email: helen.mccracken@hotmail.com Web: www.hyperbaricmedicinecenter.com Cost: $135 - 150 2 Hyox monoplaces and one 2 place Fortis 420 chamber.(new owners and address)

  • Maui/Kahului: Kim Brown, PO Box 330656, Kabului, Hawaii 96733 808-870-2567 Email: mauihbot@maui.net Interested in opening a Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic in Maui and wants to hear from anyone interested.

    Idaho - Medicaid pays for Idaho residents!!!

  • Pocatello: Portneuf Medical Center, Jeff Hampsten, 1125 W Alameda, Pocatello, Idaho 83201 208-251-0334, 208-237-1151, 208-237-9721(fax) Email:jeff@hhdive.com Web: www.idahohyperbarics.com Cost: ? A 28 person hyperbaric chamber in a new building furnished apartments available.


  • Bolingbrook (Chicago area): Midwest Hyperbaric & Wellness L.L.C., Dr. August Martinucci, Medical Director, 391 Quadrangle, Suite S1, Bolingbrook, IL 60441 630-378-1760, 866-281-4268 (toll-free), 630-378-1764 (fax) Email: info@midwesthbot.com Web: www.midwesthbot.com Cost: ? Six chambers: 4-Seachrist 2- Perry Sigma.

  • Rockford: Rockford Hyperbaric, Dr. Andrea Dirkson, 4753 Manhattan Dr., Rockford, IL 61108, 815-395-1450, 815-395-1459 (fax) Email: Info@rockfordhyperbaric.com Cost: $175 -$200 Three Sechrist monoplaces

    Illinois Mild Chambers

  • Chicago: Lor Dex HBO, Ken Horbacz DN, 3223 N Harlem Ave., Chicago, IL 60634 773-619-4199, Email: KenHorbacz@yahoo.com 2 Oxyhealth monoplaces with room air, Physical Therapy Cost: $125 (MUMS members $100)


  • Mishawaka: Northern Indiana Hyperbarics, Buffy Nemeth, 1625 E. Jefferson Blvd., Mishawaka, Indiana 46545, 574-256-2561, 574-254-1392 (fax) Email: northernindianahyperbarics@yahoo.com Web: www.northernindianahyperbarics.com Cost: $? Discount for MUMS members. Located one & 1/2 hours East of Chicago loop. Also offering: Oxidative medicine, Chelation, Ultrviolet Blood Irradiation (UVBI), Intervenious Hydrogen Peroxide, Intervenous Mineral & Vitamin Bags, Metabolic assessments, Glutathione Injections, Blood chemistry analysis, Nutrition Counseling. Physical, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

    Indiana Mild Chambers

  • Carmel: Carmel Clinic for Functional Medicine, Stacie Macari, DC, CNS, 75 Executive Drive, Carmel, IN 46032, 317-846-9355, 317-846-8481(fax) Email: info@carmelclinic.com Cost: $95 Vitaeris 320 DAN doctor


  • Marrero: Family Physicians' Center, Paul G. Harch, M.D., 5216 Lapalco Boulevard, Marrero, Louisiana 70072, 504-309-4948, 504-392-4180(fax) Email: paulharchmd@aol.com Web: www.hbot.com/ Cost: $200.00 On staff with Dr. Harch is Dr Sabatier a retired neurosurgeon and Dr Stabb Family Practice along with nurses, and the HBO technicians are EMT's and AEMT's. The clinic is in the New Orleans vicinity. Reasonable living accommodations available: Military base housing, reduced rates at hotels, and Ronald McDonald ($10/night) housing available for patients. Dr. Harch, along with Dr Neubauer, have written the basic HBO protocols that most of the United States & the world are using. Since the passing of Dr Neubauer (the Grandfather of HBOT in off label applications) Dr Harch is currently the leading authority of HBOT in Neurological conditions and has been researching and practicing hyperbaric medicine in the application of neurological disorders for over 20 years.
  • Dr. Harch's Hyperbaric Clinic Video

  • Slidell: Greenbriar Hyperbaric Unit (Outpatient Center of Greenbriar Skilled Subacute and Rehab Center), 505 Robert Blvd, Slidell LA 70458 800-541-9756(LA only) 985-643-6900 985-641-6176(fax) Email: gbnh@bellsouth.com Dr. Eduardo J. Hernandez, MD, F.A.A.P. is Medical Director of the Greenbriar facility and hyperbaric unit. He is a Pediatric Pulmonoligist that specializes in HBO. "Greenbriar will work with families to provide hyperbarics at the lowest rate possible. Some of the diagnoses treated are encephalopathy, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, autism, wound care, multiple sclerosis, stroke, amputations and many others." Cost: ?

  • Slidell: Trinity Neurological Rehabilitation Center, Dr. Alan Larcena, Medical Director, Robert Little, MD, HBOT Director, 1400 Lindberg Dr., Slidell, Louisiana 70458, 985-641-4985, 985-646-0793(fax) Email:pforet@trinityrehab.com Web: www.trinityneurorehab.com Cost $180 (MUMS members $150) One Hypertec monoplace, reduced lodging, some charitable treatments. Located in 110 bed long term care facility specializing in brain injury rehabilitation and treating patients 12 years and older.


  • Annapolis: Maryland Hyperbaric Oxygen Center, Stewart Jacobs,MD,-closed

  • Millersville: Advanced Hyperbaric Oxygen Center, Dr. Richard I Hochman, Medical Director, 8227 Cloverleaf Drive #303, Millersville, MD 21108, 888-729-4268, 410-729-4268, 410-458-0121 (fax), Email: drmorgan@mdhbot.com Web: www.mdhbot.com Cost:$200 4 chambers, 3 Perry 40", “We will do charity services, and we do get Medicaid or Medicare to pay as well as several other private insurance carriers. 99% of our patients are being covered by insurance. Most people do not realize there are 18 indications on the list, in fact some companies have as many as 23 covered indications. With diligence on part of our medical staff and social worker, we are very successful in getting coverages. We don't get 100% but we accept a hardship letter from the families in lieu of payment for their portion of the payment. We are accepting the amount we get from the insurance companies/ or Medicare/ Medicaid as our total payment. Our Non-Profit, Gifts From God, is a 501-3C and will fund copays and deductibles for all children and patients who have needs beyond the family's financial abilities. We are moving to Gambrills MD with 10 chambers in March. (all Perry 40"). Trained staff members dive with all children under the age of 10. We are open 7 days a week and only closed on Christmas and Easter." Coming Soon: New centers in Charlotte NC, Seattle WA, Bedford PA, Rockville MD, Timonium MD & Orlando FL.

    Maryland Mild Chambers

  • Laurel: Mark Sivieri, MD, 9101 Cherry Lane, Suite 205, Laurel, Maryland 20708, 301-490-9911 Email: drsivieri@yahoo.com Cost:? Vitaeras 320. Dr. Sivieri is a Family Practice Physician.


  • North Reading: HOPE-connection.com, Dr. Mustal Dahodwala, MD, Medical Director, 21 Main Street, North Reading, MA 01864, 978-664-8100, Email: info@HOPE-connection.com Web: www.HOPE-connection.com Cost:$120, Without oxygen Cost:$85 HYOX monoplace, RHEEM 3 person multiplace, EMT on staff

  • Randolph: Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Centers, 1395 North Main Street, Randolph, MA 02368 781-961-7887 800-973-3009 781-986-3860 (fax) Web: www.hyperbaricoxygenchamber.com Six patient multiplace chamber conveniently located near Boston's finest medical facilities and near major highways surrounding Boston. Cost:$150 (for children with Cerebral Palsy) others $150-$250.


  • Michigan/Detroit/Windsor Ontario: Metro Hyperbaric & Wound Healing Center, Alex Olkhovsky, 23003 Greater Mack Ave, Ste A, Saint Claire Shores, MI, 48080, 586-772-3403, 586-771-1603 (fax) info@michiganhyperbaric.com Web: www.michiganhyperbaric.com

  • Farmington Hills: The Complete Hyperbaric, Infusion & Wound Care Center, Bruce Ruben , M.D., P.C., 31410 Northwestern Highway, Suite A, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334, 248.932.5666, Email: info@O2heals.com Web: www.o2heals.com/ 2 Sechrist monoplace chambers Cost: $130?

  • South Lyon: Oxford Hyperbaric Medical Center (OHMC), 21800 Pontiac Trail, South Lyon, Michigan 48178, 248-486-3636 Email: info@healingwithhbot.com Web: www.healingwithhbot.com Sechrist monoplace

  • Clinton Township: Hyperbaric Medical Center, Dr. Iris B Daniel, MD, Medical Director, 42490 Garfield Road Suite 207, Clinton Township, MI, 48038, 586- 263-7900, 586-263-0434 (fax), Email: info@hyperbaricmedicalcenter.com Web: www.hyperbaricmedicalcenter.com Three Sechrist 33 inch, Cost: ? Discount for Mums’ members and for special kids, Reduced lodging and transportation.

  • Macomb/Clinton: Macomb/Clinton Center for Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicin-closed

    Michigan Mild Chambers

  • Rochester Hills: Vital Age Management, Dr. Robert Grafton, 555 Barclay Circle, Suite 140, Rochester Hills, MI 43307, 248-853-5880, 248-853-5929 (fax) Email: vital_age@yahoo.com Cost: ? Performance chamber treats at 1.5ata 20-30 1-2 times a day 5 per week, chelation, IV treatments, detox treatments, etc.


  • Plymouth: Life Force Therapies, 3555 Plymouth Blvd., Suite 218, Plymouth, MN 55447, Call Char Lamar at 763-694-7000 Email: info@lifeforcetherapiesusa.com Web: www.lifeforcetherapiesusa.com Cost: $? Multiplace 5 person, Alfred Wilson CHT, Quadricisor motorized P/A Therapy.

    Minnesota Mild Chambers

  • Minnetonka: Minnesota Hyperbaric Center, Michael Montico, MD, 10273 Yellow Circle Drive, Minnetonka, MN 55345, 952-401-9359, 952-401-9805(fax), Email: info@mnhyperbaric.org Web: www.mnhyperbaric.org Cost: ? Two Vitaeris 320, 2 Oxyhealth Fortius, Affiliated with Autism Day Treatment center offering ABA treatment, Behavioral Therapists and Board Certified Behavior Analyst on staff, DAN! Physician on staff


  • Kansas City: Hyperbaric Healing Institute, Michael Shafe’, MD, 10015 N Ambassador Drive, Suite 104, Kansas City, MO 64153, 866-801-7878 (toll free) Email: info@HHI-KC.com Web: www.HHI-KC.com Cost: $125. Will bill insurance. Founded by David & Lisa Deister, parents of a child with Cerebral Palsy. Located 2 miles south of the Kansas City International Airport. Largest multiplace chamber in Midwest with walk-in/wheelchair accessible door, seats 8-10 people. Brand new facility within Urgency Room providing urgent care 8am -8 pm. Certified Hyperbaric Technicians. Special hotel rates available as well as referral arrangements with Ronald McDonald House ($10/night). Rental car NOT required for out-of-town visitors. Offers Intensive Physical Therapy, VitalStem and Neurofeedback.

  • Kansas City: McDonagh Medical Center, Charles J. Rudolph, Jr., DO, PhD, 2800A Kendallwood Pkwy, Kansas City, MO 64119 816-453-5940 816-453-1140 (fax) Email: drrudolph2@aol.com Web: www.mcdonaghmed.com Cost: $137 (discounts available for MUMS Members) 2 Nautilus monoplace chambers. Also offers edta chelation for stroke, Nutritional Supplementation, & phospholipid infusions.

    Missouri Mild Chambers

  • Lee's Summit: Summit of Health Integrative Care Chiropractic and Hyperbaric Center, Inc., Dr. Susan Anschutz, Chiropractic Physician, 200 NE Chipman Rd., Lee's Summit, MO 64063, 816-554-4771 +fax, Email: Ssummithealth@kc.rr.com Web: www.summitofhealth.net Cost: $75 Prepay 10 for $600 (discount for MUMS members) Vitaeris 320 Doctor completed IHA course on Neurological class for HBOT and is certified by IHA. Also offers Thai massage for tight muscles.

    Nebraska Mild Chambers

  • Burwell: Dunes HBO, Inc, Vicki Bauer , Office manager , 46800 823rd Rd, Burwell, NE 68823, 308-750-1948 Cost: $65 per one hour treatment Two Vitaeris 320


  • Henderson: Hyperbaric Institute of Nevada, Leo Germin MD, 1691 West Horizon Ridge Parkway, Suite 100, Henderson, NV 89012, 702-423-3111, Email: info@hinevada.com Web: Web: www.hinevada.com Two Perry 40" monoplace chambers Cost: $

  • Las Vegas: North Vista Hospital, 1409 East Lake Mead Blvd., North Las Vegas, NV 89030, 702-657-5637, 702-649-7711, Web: www.northvistahospital.com/services/wound_care/ Cost: $? 3 Sechrist monoplace chambers.

  • Las Vegas: Desert Oasis Clinic, John A Thompson, MD & DO, Medical Director, 6316 S Rainbow Blvd, Ste 110, Las Vegas, NV 89118, 702-310-9350, Email: doasisclinic.yahoo.com Web: www.desertoasisclinic.com

  • Reno: Northern Nevada Hyperbaric Center Richard Flyer, M. S., Clinical Director; Dr. Chris Hussar, D.O., Medical Director, 1698 Meadowood Lane, First Floor, Reno, NV 89502, 775-826-2084, 775-826-2087(fax) Email: rflyer@earthlink.net Web: www.nevadahyperbarics.com 2 transparent sechrist monoplaces. Cost: $200.00

    New Jersey

  • Basking Ridge: Julia's Hyperbaric Therapy, Julia Sudylo RN & CHT, 205 Stone House Road, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920, Email:juliashbot@aol.com Web: www.juliashbot.com, 908-616-0279 (cell), 908-542-9285 (fax) Cost: $95.00 to 125.00 per Session effective August 1st 2012. 2 Sechrist monoplace chambers

  • Hawthorne: First Step Achievements, Dr. John A. Gregg, 1083 Goffle Road, Hawthorne, NJ - No longer doing hbot>
  • Parsippany: New Jersey Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Julia Bramwell MD, Medical Director, 2200 Route 10 West, Suite 106, Parsippany, NJ 07054 973-401-1800 Email: juliab333@gmail.com Web: www.njhbot.com Cost: $180 3 monoplace Sechrist 2500. B12 injections, IV Glutathione injections

    New Jersey Mild Chambers

    Middletown: Family Wellness Center, David Dornfeld DO, 1680 Hwy 35S, Middletown, NJ 07748, 732-671-3730, 732-706-1078(fax) Email: DrDave@osteodocs.com Web: www.osteodocs.com Cost: $100 Vitaeris 320, Also offering: Chelation and nutritional IV therapy.

    New Mexico

  • Santa Fe: Hyperbaric Medical Center of New Mexico, Ken Stoller, MD, 404 Brunn School Rd Suite D/E, Santa Fe, NM 87505 505-820-6234, 505-955-8560 Email:hbotnm@net.zero.net Web: www.hbotnm.com Cost: $150 12 person multiplace chamber. Dr. Stoller is Board certified in both Pediatrics and Hyperbaric Medicine.

    New York

  • Long Island Area: Whole Life Practices, Marietta Forcht, 2488 N Jerusalem Road, N. Bellmore, NY 11756 516-735-5377 Email: angelwork888@aol.com Web: www.wholelifepractices.com Cost: ? Hyox2 monoplace

  • Mahopac: Valley Health & Hyperbarics, Dr. Jo Feingold, The Delamere Building, 410 Route 6, Mahopac, NY 10541 845-208-3624 Serving Brewster, NY and Danbury, CT (Putnam Valley Area) Email: vhhyperbarics@gmail.com Web: www.valleyhyperbarics.com Cost:$200 Many alternative therapies offered, including Suit Therapy, glutathione & nutritional and supplemental healthcare, sensory learning, Quadriciser exerciser.

    New York Mild Chambers

  • Staten Island: Zen Hyperbarics, Inc., Acher Siddiqi, M.D., 271 Mason Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10305, 718-710-0830, Email: zenhyperbarics@msn.com Web: www.zenhyperbarics.com Cost: $75 per one hour treatment Reiki, Reflexology, Massage

    North Carolina

  • Creston: Children's hyperbaric Center, 667 Peak Rd, Creston NC 28615 closed- available for lease. 336-385-1775, 336-385-1676 (fax) Email: rhartsoe@skybest.com Web: www.miraclemountain.org

  • Fayetteville: Fayetteville Hyperbarics, LLC, Denise Mercado, CEO, 3035A Boone Trial Extension, Fayetteville, NC 28304, 910-987-3809 (cell), 910-425-5178 (fax) Email: dmercado@FayettevilleHBOT.com Web: www.FayettevilleHBOT.com Baromed Select monoplace. Opening March 1, 2013!.

  • Mathews: The Center For Wellness, Dr. Neal Speight, Medical Director, 1258 Mann Drive, #100, Matthews, NC 28105, 704-847-2022, 704-847-1830 (fax) Email: centerforwellness@gmail.com Web: www.cfwellness.com

  • Raleigh: Carolina Hyperbarics, James R. Stevens MD, Medical Director, 8300 Health Park, Suite 134, Raleigh, NC 27615, 919-720-4377, 919-720-4381(fax) Email: Sstoltman@nchbot.com Web: www.nchbo.com Cost: $250 (Discount for MUMS members) Two Perry Sigma 40 inch diameter monoplace chambers filled with Oxygen. Tech is highly trained and worked for Dr. Paul harch for 2 years.

    North Carolina Mild Chambers

  • Ashville: Ashville Integrative Medicine, James Biddle MD, 832 Hendersonville Road, Ashville, NC 28803, 828-252-5545, 828-281-3055(fax), Web: www.docbiddle.com Cost: $150 if 10 are purchased One Respiro 270. Also offers Chelation, Bio-identical hormones, Thermograms, Allergy testing, DAN physician

  • Chapel Hill: Plum Spring Clinic, Michael Sharp MD, Medical Director, 184 Lystra Estates Drive Chapel Hill, NC 27517-6445, 919-945-0300, 919-945-0303 (fax) Email: info@michaelsharpmd.com Web: www.plumspring.com Cost: $95, (5% off 10 HBO, 10% off 20 HBO, Discount for MUMS members.) Respiro 270, Clinic also offers Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral, Reiki, DAN protocol.

  • Matthews: Center For Wellness,Dr. Neal Speight, 1258 Mann Drive, Suite #100, Matthews, NC 28105, 704-847-2022, 704-847-1830 (fax), Email: centerforwellness@gmail.com Web: www.cfwellness.com Cost: $55 Oxyhealth Vitaeris 320, Thermography, Chelation, Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

    Use of Flexible Walled chambers or Low pressure chambers

    The McGill study in Canada treated children with Cerebral Palsy using 1.3 ata with room air in a hard chamber as their control group and all the children improved! MUMS is seeking more documentation from people using just the bags with room air to treat stroke or brain damage. These flexible walled chambers are not designed to be used with 100% oxygen and can only pressurize to 1.3 ata. Preliminary observations from parents using HBO show that the brain has a memory for oxygen and children require fewer treatments especially after the first 100 - 200 in order to make the same improvements. Experts at present believe that perhaps after using the hard chambers first, the flexible chambers may be a logical use for follow up HBO treatment. More studies are needed.

    USA Hyperbaric Chambers List for Emergency Treatment Web: www.divinglore.com/Genesis/USA/USAChambers.htm

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