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Where can I go to find out more about the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as a treatment for children with Cerebral Palsy and other forms of brain damage?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) as a treatment for brain damage as yet. Therefore MUMS is not promoting this use. We are only providing information. HBOT is used to treat 13 conditions, some are; "the bends" that some divers experience when coming up too fast, Air Embolism (air in the bloodstream), Carbon Monoxide poisoning, burns, and wounds that are difficult to heal, such as those experienced by people with diabetes.

Many parents who are trying the HBO with their children with brain damage are showing remarkable results. We are getting reports from parents all over the world that their children are experiencing improvement in the areas of speech, reduced spasticity, vision and hearing improvements, behavior improvements, Autistic behaviors reduced, and the reduction or stopping of seizures. Children of all ages, even adults are showing the same improvements. It is not working for all children and we have heard of a few cases in which the children showed no improvements. The children with the milder impairments seem to be showing the most improvements. There are studies in Canada and the United States going on right now to establish whether or not HBO improves children with brain damage. The preliminary results are very encouraging!

MUMS is only providing a list and is not recommending any of these places! The following is a list of people you can contact for more information. Some clinics have monoplace chambers and some have multiplace chambers. We are told that only a monoplace ("place for one") can safely treat by pressurizing with 100% oxygen. If more than one person is being treated in a chamber it should be through a mask or preferably, for comfort, through a hood. Some clinics are more accessible than others. If you have claustrophobia (fear of being in confined spaces) and cannot go in the chamber with your child this needs to be discussed.

Some providers may give discounts for larger numbers of treatments in a row or for prepayment. Some may offer free for hardship cases. It doesn't hurt to ask. The protocol that we are hearing is most used is 1 hour treatments (at pressure) once a day of 1.5 - 1.75 ata for 40 days for first session. Some parents are opting for twice a day treatments but are taking a 4 hour break in between treatments. Recent reports are coming in from parents who are doing too many in a row using the twice a day protocol that their children are getting toxic and regressing. One mother got 100 treatments for her son in a two month time period. He stopped talking and walking which he had been able to do after the first 40 treatments. It took 6-8 weeks for him to start progressing again. Please read "More is Not Better." by Dr. Harch on this website. We are hearing it may be best to take a day off every 5 or 6 days to allow the brain to adjust to using the new brain cells. Many parents see more improvements the two to three weeks after they return home from the series of treatments. Dr. Paul Harch, who has been doing research since 1995 using HBOT on children with brain damage, believes that 40 treatments is recommended for the first series, because some children don't respond until 30 treatments and some 3ay require 200 or more treatments total. Four to six week breaks between series are recommended and these should be individualized. (See Dr. Harch's letter). Because this is a new treatment for brain damage and Cerebral Palsy the best protocol is really not known for sure. One treatment a day using pessures of 1.5 ata or less (1.25 ata if child has a seizure condition) are where we are seeing the best results. Most doctors or HBO technicians would not use any pressure higher than 2.0 ata because they feel this may be too high and dangerous causing oxygen toxicity. That is why we need more studies!

HBO Providers in Alaska - Florida

HBO Providers in Georgia - North Carolina

HBO Providers Outside Of The United States


  • Clinics with Flexible Walled Chambers or Low pressure Mild Chambers are included. The McGill study in Canada treated children with Cerebral Palsy using 1.3 ata pressure with room air, not oxygen, in a chamber as their control group. The treated group got treated at 1.5 ata with oxygen. Both groups of children improved! MUMS is seeking more documentation from people using just the low pressure chambers with room air to treat stroke or brain damage. These flexible walled chambers are not designed to be used with 100% oxygen and pressurize to 1.3 ata. Preliminary observations from parents using HBOT show that the brain has a memory for oxygen and children require fewer treatments especially after the first 100 - 200 in order to make the same improvements. Experts at present believe that perhaps after using the hard chambers first, the flexible chambers may be a logical use for follow up HBO treatment. MUMS is getting good reports from parents using both types of chambers!


  • Cincinnati: Cincinnati Hyperbarics, Ted Cole, MA, DO, NMD, FAAIM, 7760 W. VOA Park Drive, West Chester, Ohio 45069 (Located off of Cox Rd., across from the VOA Park entrance) 513-563-4321, 513-847-1017(Fax) Email: info@cincinnatihyperbarics.com Web: www.cincinnatihyperbarics.com

  • Cleveland: Preventive Medicine Group, Derrick Lonsdale, MD, 24700 Center Ridge Rd., Suite 370, Cleveland, OH 44145 440-835-0104 Web: www.prevmedgroup.com Cost: ? Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber, has experience treating Cerebral Palsy. Also offers: Acupuncture, Thermography, Allergy Testing and Desensitization, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Chelation Therapy, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Nutritional Supplementation, Nutritionals by Intravenous and more.

  • Wauseon: Sara's Garden Hyperbaric Center, Judy Burkholder, PO Box 150, 620 W Leggett St, Wauseon, OH 43567 419-335-SARA(7272) Email: info@sarasgarden.org Web: www.sarasgarden.org Cost: $100 (Scholarships may be available) Also offers: Conductive Education, Autism Intervention and Sensory Integration services. Thirty miles from Toledo. HBO Clinic is non-profit and is named after Judy's daughter-in-law, Sara, who died giving birth to Jackson who has Cerebral Palsy. Volunteer families willing to house families. Local church has some scholarships for qualifying parents with matching funds.


  • New Hope Health Clinic, Kent Bartell, DC, ND, 121 S. 2nd Street, Jenks, OK 74037, 877-544-4673, 918-298-8810. Email: k.hurdelbrink@cox.net Web: newhopehealthclinic.com


  • Hillsboro: Oregon: OxyBioTech, Inc., Cornelius Pass Business Park, 2038 NW Aloclek Drive #205, Hillsboro, OR 97124-8055 503-466-1452 Email: info@oxybiotech.net Web: www.oxybiotech.net Cost: $110 Private insurance accepted for covered conditions. Perry Sigma II Plus (16 ' by 40" diameter) 2 person Multiplace


  • The Robert M. Lombard Hyperbaric Oxygenation Medical Center, Inc., Louis J. Neureuter MD, 255 N. 6th St., Columbia, PA 17512, 877-426-9943 (toll-free) 717-684-3228, 717-684-0302(fax) Email: HBOxygen@earthlink.com Web: http://hboxygen.com Cost is $140 (discounts available) Five monoplace chambers: Three Sechrist, 1 Vicker and 1 ETC Baro-Med. Quadriciser included with HBO, Cranial Sacral, Massage Therapy, Acupressure, Myofascial Release, Sleep Laboratory, Dermatology, Homeopathy.

  • East Stroudsburg (Pocono Mountain area): The Jenny Rose Specialized Therapy Center, Elaine Parker, CHT, EMT, 296 East Brown St., Suite B, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301, 888-233-5540 (toll free) 570-421-3415 Email: Support@thejennyrosecenter.com Web: www.thejennyrosecenter.com Cost:$? Also offers Conductive Education-3 week session $95 a day (4-5 hours a day) $75 if getting HBOT.

  • Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Hyperbaric Institute, 533 Washington Ave., Frank Morganti, Bridgeville, PA 15107, 412-221-5788 Web: www.pittsburghhyperbaric.net Cost:$150

    Pennsylvania - MILD CHAMBERS

    Piedhill: Advanced Chiropractic Center, Dr. Harold Grams, 326 Main St., Piedhill, PA 18076, 215-679-5915, 866-952-5483 (toll-free), 215-679-6467 (fax) Email: drgrams@verizon.net Web:www.drgrams.com Cost: $80- $175 (charitable treatments on individual basis.) 3 chambers,Oxyhealth-Fortius and Vitaeris chambers (will rent portable chambers after patient has received in-office treatments) D.A.N Biomedical/nutritional, individualized nutritional/detox counseling.

    South Carolina

  • Hilton Head Island: Hyperbaric Therapy of The Low Country, Pete Stephens, M.D. Medical Director, 94 Main Street, Suite E, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926, 843-681-3300, 843-681-3316 (fax) Email: info@hyperbarictherapylowcountry.com Web: www.htlowcountry.com Two ETC Bara-Med Smoothride monoplace chambers. Cost:$150 Accepts insurance, especially United HealthCare and Cigna, but more and more companies are paying for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.


  • Chattanooga: Erlanger Medical Center, James Creel, MD, Medical Director, Regional Wound Center and HBO Facility, 975 East Third Street, Chattanooga, TN 37403, 423-778-5135 Email:VitullCL@erlanger.org Web: www.erlanger.org/body.cfm?id=128 "Our hospital is willing to set up an "Exceptional HBO Program" for non-standard diagnoses such as Cerebral Palsy, stroke and brain injury based on requests and available chambers. We have 3 Sechrist 3500 monoplace chambers in our Wound Care Center. We have physician coverage at the chamber at all times. We have had many, many requests by families looking for an affordable alternative to moving far from home for an extended period of time." Cost is $200 Ronald McDonald facility close by.

  • Jackson: Tennessee Hyperbaric Center, Roy Schmidt MD, 15 Stoneridge Blvd., Jackson, TN 38305, 731-660-2056, 888-885-4325 (HEAL), Email: info@hyperbaricoxygentherapies.com Web: www.hyperbaricoxygentherapies.com Cost: $135 (discount for MUMS members) Six-person, Hypertec, multiplace chamber uses 100% medical grade oxygen and has been certified by the State of Tennessee. Reduced lodging available.


  • Richardson: Hyperbaric Centers of Texas, Inc., Alfred R. Johnson, DO, Medical Director, 997 Hampshire Lane, Richardson, TX 75080 800-807-7555 (toll-free), 972-238-7333, 972-479-9435 (fax) Email: info@hyperbarictherapycenter.com Web: www.hyperbarictherapycenter.com/ Cost: $150 for monoplace, $135 for multiplace chamber(Discount for MUMS members) One 2 person Hypertec multiplace, 3 PAHI monoplaces filled with oxygen

    Texas - Low pressure chambers

  • Houston: Longevity Centre of Houston, Chimney Rock Medical Pavilion, Marina Pearsall M.D.& Ph.D & Gurney Pearsall M.D, 2951 Chimney Rock Road, Houston, Texas 77056, 713-522-4037, 713-787-6401(fax) Email: AgeWell@longevityhouston.com Web: www.longevitycentres.com Cost:? Oxyhealth Vitaeris 320, The doctors offer HBOT as part of their anti-aging and general wellness therapies. Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy PK Protocol {IV Phosphatidylcholine + Leukovorin + Glutathione}, Chelation Therapy {IV/Oral}, Food Sensitivity Testing, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, Medical Weight Loss.

  • Salt Lake City: Salt Lake Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine, Medical Director: David Workman, M.D., 3949 South 700 East #180 Salt Lake City, Utah 84107, 801-288-2273, 801-288-0211(fax), Email: info@slwoundcare.org Web: www.slwoundcare.org Cost: $150-$225 Discount given based on number of treatments and pre-payment, discount for MUMS' members. Charity treatments on an individual basis. Near a Ronald McDonald house) Full service wound clinic with 10-person multiplace chamber and two Perry monoplace chambers. Specializes in treating Autism, Stroke recovery, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Bell’s palsy, and Lyme disease.

  • Taylorsville: Hyperbaric Healing Center, Sherman Johnson MD, 2520 W. 4700 S. #2A, Taylorsville, Utah 84118, 888-345-1447, 801-964-2008, 801-964-2435 (fax) Email:teririch@comcast.net Web:www.hyperbarichealingsystems.com Cost: $125 (discount for MUMS Members) 2 Monoplaces Perry Sigma 34, 1 Muliplace Gulf Coast treats 10 person, Full service wound care clinic which also treats, brain injuries, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke & Neurologic conditions. charitable treatments, reduced lodging, reduced transportation to clinic. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Massage, Nutrition.


  • Port Orchard: Hyperbaric Healing Center, Medical Director, James B Wagner, 1505 Pottery Avenue, Suite 102, Port Orchard, WA 98366 888-876-4201, 360-876-4200 360-895-4405(fax) Email: jmybryan@yahoo.com Web: www.hyperbarichealingcenter.com 2 Sechrist monoplace chambers Cost: $125

  • Spokane: Spokane Hyperbaric Center, Medical Director, Dr. Karen Stanek, 13007 E Mission Ave., Spokane, WA 99216, 509-922-6552, 800-691-3088, 509-891-2876 (fax), Email: spokanehbot@msn.com Web: www.spokanehyperbarics.com Cost: $140 (Discounts on individual basis) One Perry multiplace 16 person chamber.

  • White Salmon: Aspen Hyperbaric, PO Box 2214, White Salmon, WA 98672, 509 493.1059,509-493-1656 (fax) (971-618-0108 cell, Email: oxygen@aspenhyperbaric.com Web: www.aspenhyperbaric.com

  • Yelm: Mount Rainer Clinic, Inc. – John A. Cranton MN, ARNP, Medical Director, 503 First St. So. Suite 1, Yelm, WA 98597-5100, 800-337-9918, 360-458-1061, 360-458-1661 (fax) Email: drc@drcranton.com Web: mtrainierclinic.com Web: www.hbomedicine.com Cost: $135 - $155 2 monoplace Sechrist chambers pressurized with 100% oxygen. Facility is staffed with licensed health care professionals.


  • Fitchburg/Madison area: Wisconsin Integrative Hyperbaric Center, A Place for Grace, 6200 Nesbitt Road, Suite B, Fitchburg, WI 53719, 888-278-HBOT(4268), 608-278-HBOT(4268), 608-278-4260 (fax) Email: info@wisconsinhyperbarics.com Web: www.wisconsinhyperbarics.com Located south of Madison, Intersection Verona Road and Highway PD. 4 Monoplaces (Fortius 420) and 2 Portable chambers ( Vitaeris). Cost: $75 - $150 (discount for MUMS' members) Physicians on staff, reduced housing available, Airport transportation free. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Chelation & Nutritional Therapy.

  • Franklin: A & M Hyperbarics for Hope, Noel Daly Director, 9612 S. Franklin Dr., Franklin, WI 53132, 414-855-0250, 414-855-0243(fax) Email: info@hyperbaricsforhope.com Web: www.hyperbaricsforhope.com Cost:$115 Multiplace 5 person with hoods. Working with ARCH (Autism Recovery & Comprehensive Health Center, which includes medical professionals on staff. A physician oversees HBOT patients which has been invaluable. A few families have even gotten insurance reimbursement.

  • Green Bay: Green Bay Hyperbarics, Jeff Smet, 2372 S Oneida St, Green Bay, WI 54304 Green Bay, WI 54304 920-499-0670 920-965-1614 (fax) Email:aecrobin@aol.com Web: www.greenbayhyperbarics.com Monoplace Cost:$? 1). Offering the first 3 treatments complimentary on us. (New patients only) 2). No commitment set of hyperbaric treatments (yes, you can have just one treatment). 3). Everyone gets the special price. 4). If you don't want to go past the 3 treatments - it is ok with us. 5). We treat with a mixture of treatment protocols: a). 1.1 ATA to 1.7 ATA for brain injuries, CP, MS & Stroke b). 2.0 ATA for wound healing, Diabetic foot ulcers, radiation damage, osteomyelitis etc.. c). If there was a protocol that you are/were comfortable with or have seen results with, please let us know and we will be open to it.

  • Waukesha: A & M Hyperbarics For Hope Waukesha, WI -closed.

    Selling multi-place 5 person chamber ASME PVHO certified by State of Wisconsin, equiped with a fire system, a 200 gallon storage tank and 5 oygen stations to deliver oxygen through hoods. Has dual oxygen regulator and backup manifold regulators for emergency air and entertainment system. Call or Email Beth if interested in information on purchasing at 414-855-0234, Email: info@hyperbaricsforhope.com

  • Milwaukee and Johnson Creek area: O2 Clinics, Clinic Director, Kent MacLaughlin, 480 Village Walk Lane, Johnson Creek, WI 53038, 920-699-3399 Email: info@o2clinics.com Web: www.myhbot.com Cost: $50 – 125 (discount for MUMS’ members) Located ¼ mile south of intersection of I94 and US 26. Multiplace chamber is 6 feet in diameter with a walk in door and features big screen movies. Local comfortable housing at reduced rates.

    Wisconsin - Low pressure chamber

  • Eau Claire: Life Link Health Clinic, 2400 London Road, Eau Claire, WI 54701, 715-832-1078, 877-832-1078, Email: lifelink1@att.net Web: www.lifelinkhealth.net Mild chamber 1.3ata Cost: $75 per treatment($50 for multiple treatments).

    USA Hyperbaric Chambers List for Emergency Treatment Web: www.divinglore.com/Genesis/USA/USAChambers.htm *****************************************************************************************

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